Weight Loss Wraps & Multilevel Marketing

The past few years social media has been saturated with consumers selling selling body wraps to detox or lose weight. This creates the illusions to other consumers that an individual can just use this wrap around their abdomen and after a few wrap sessions, they will start losing weight or lose toxins.

One of the most famous wraps is “It Works”


If you have to name your product “It Works” because consumers are already insanely skeptical of the success and performance of the product, THEN YOUR PRODUCT PROBABLY DOES NOT WORK.

The history of detox wraps comes from using linen sheets with herbs, vitamins, and oils that would help to soften and tighten the skin. Now, we are showing people that they can lose inches just by putting a piece of cloth around their abdominal area for a certain amount of time. Although the skin may tighten after a heated blanket made them sweat and certain herbs and vitamins “pulled” the skin, this tightening is temporary and most individuals will not see permanent results without diet and exercise. Most of the claims that these wraps will essentially help someone lose weight are unsupported.


Image Source: Webmd.com 


It honestly seems quite insane that someone would believe that these weight loss wraps work, but people posting transformation photos without crediting a diet or weight loss program will make consumers believe they should buy these wraps.


The disclaimer above even mentions that the wraps are not intended to replace weight loss efforts like diet and exercise, but it doesn’t stop people from buying expensive products to support another pyramid scheme.

The ItWorks wraps are sold by independent representatives much like Mary Kay or Avon. The whole point is that you make money from home selling these wraps, but as John Oliver explains, this multilevel marketing can turn into a paralleled pyramid scheme. (Yes, technically, it should be illegal)

Not only do these wraps not prove to not have permanent effects, they also can cause the sellers to lose money if they can’t sell enough. Weight loss should not be commercialized. Multilevel marketing is what you see when you have representatives that sell locally in hopes of selling enough that they move up the chain of sellers. As John Oliver explains in the video above, it almost becomes impossible to move up, and many sellers end up just breaking even, if not, going into some debt over these “Work-from-home” options.

One thought on “Weight Loss Wraps & Multilevel Marketing

  1. Hannah Miller Fitness says:

    Love this raw, truthful post!

    There is an INSANE amount of garbage out there: products and false information. In this instant gratification world, we want things now, and we want it made super easy–which goes against the reality of health and fitness; it really is a journey.


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