Girl, Do You Even Lift?

Stop muscle-shaming females.

Men and women are structurally and genetically built different, but it doesn’t change their ability to gain muscles. In society men are apparently supposed to be physically stronger than women. We think of girls on treadmills in the gym trying to lose any ounce of fat on their bodies. We don’t shame the guy with the dad bod that benches 350 pounds. For some reason we shame females who are toned or for lack of better terms, “bulky”. More and more females are getting into lifting weights in the fitness community, and that is a great thing.

Some Twitter users had their fair share of shameful opinions.

 Some of these users were women.


Then there are humans like this internet troll…..


Stop freaking out over women getting “bulky.”

We should not shame a female for being confident in her bulky  beautiful body. We no longer need men to hunt for days then carry a huge animal back to the family while the women care for the children at home and cook. With a new societal shift for the equality of men and women, this is one that still has issues. Women should be allowed to be more confident in the gym and lifting. Men “bulk” up due to high levels of testosterone that women do not have. Even if a woman chooses to lift heavy weights and “bulk” up, let her do what she wants to be beautiful. Body confidence is extremely important to mental health. We don’t need every person in society to be a big strong man or a dainty innocent woman. This societal view is frustrating because it still enforces unspoken gender roles. The gym is no longer just a place for women to do cardio and men to lift downstairs. Asking women to not be strong is like asking us to stop fighting for equal pay. We will resist and fight for social equality.

Recently with the hashtag #InternationalWomensDay trending on Twitter, some users stood up for muscle equality.

Any type of shaming is an attempt to emotional hurt someone so that they will submit to your views, and personal views are subjective.

Allure just released a video with boxer Alicia Napolean. She explains the struggle she had growing up being a naturally muscular woman and being shamed for her large thighs in school. Her confidence comes from her athleticism and ability to overcome body shamers by loving her body regardless of what others say. It is important for girls to have inspirational role models like Alicia. She shows that even though society sucks sometimes, it is important to stay true to yourself.


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